1. A 16-Minute Yoga Practice That'll Help You Master a Handstand

    Nailing a handstand is like the holy grail for yogis and non-yogis alike. I mean, just imagine the Instagram possibilities. While you don't learn how to do a handstand overnight, this quick yoga video can definitely help you master the move faster.

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    In this practice, you'll move through a series of unique poses that will warm up and strengthen your wrists, and you'll focus on developing core strength and control—both key for nailing a handstand. The instructor, Dylan Warner, will then show you how to use a chair to for single leg presses and help you get the sensation of putting all the weight into your hands on the mat. As mentioned, all you need is a chair and a mat for this one. Press play to get started.

    To recap: You'll need a chair and a yoga mat for this video.

    Want more? Get the entire series of yoga videos that will help you build strength and challenge your existing practice with Quest for the Press, at-home yoga classes by Dylan Werner on Cody. Greatist readers get 30 percent off their first purchase with promo code 30GREATIST, so you can start learning how to press to a handstand today.

    A 16-Minute Yoga Practice That'll Help You Master a Handstand
    Author: The Greatist Team