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    The Park Seneca Building, an older office block in South end Charlotte near Park Road, has been undergoing a total renovation since the start of 2017:

    The Park Seneca building on Mockingbird Lane will be called 1515 Montford Park, owner Grubb Properties said. The company is marketing the building to prospective tenants, with four floors in the 10-story building available soon and more next year. Pfeiffer, currently located next door, has leased 26,440 square feet of space at 1515 Montford Park, or three floors of the building.
    Grubb Properties bought the building in 2015 for less than $10 million. At that time it was in pretty much the same state it had been since it opened in 1970 with only minor alterations to the interior. For several years Healthgram was the major tenant in the building. I believe they moved out shortly after the sale, as their sign disappeared from the west facing side. The renovation has been going from floor to floor, stripping everything down to the bare concrete frame. On the exterior, architectural features (sometimes called as ‘breis soleil’) the concrete overhanging forms above each window, were sawed off. The old windows are being pulled out, and that extra floor space is being used to expand outward. This won’t add any significant space to the offices, and the side-lights will only offer extra view on the ends- so it’s mostly an aesthetic change.
    They also appear to be planning to paint it- what else- but gray. I emailed them begging them not to, but being only one voice… oh well. Also part of the plan is Pfeiffer University, whose school across the street has been sold to another developer and is being demolished.
    Since Pfeiffer will be the largest tenant, they get their sign on the side of the building:


    Park Seneca building in 2013 –Healthgram was the largest tenant


    The original lobby- there are three elevators. The “This Car Up” sign lights up in red (ding!)


    The ground floor stripped out to the bare concrete- windows will come out too



    The removal of the exterior concrete started early this year


    Current progress of the project- Pfeiffer University is fenced off across the street.


    Charlotte | Park Seneca Building Renovation |10 fl
    Author: City-Research