1. Clever Laundry Room Ideas to Inspire You


    Whether you are hunting for the latest trends in home decor, looking for tips about decorating a room on the cheap, or simply after some practical advice in design, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help with the ultimate design ideas for your home, no matter if you want a complete overhaul or just a quick change. Today we’re going to focus on one of the most overlooked spaces in a house and we’ll bring you the best laundry room ideas to make this neglected room pop.

    The benefits of having a laundry room

    If you spend a lot of time doing the family laundry, you know that you need a separate utility area in your home to do it. The last thing you want is an overflowing laundry basket in the kitchen or your socks drying on the radiators. However, it’s surprising that when planning a new home or thinking about renovating the existing one, the idea of a laundry room is not something that comes to our mind instantly. But building a room specifically designed for laundry makes life easier for everyone. Certainly, as we spent so much time washing clothes, it makes sense to have a dedicated space for dirty clothes or to keep clean clothes that haven’t yet been tucked out of the way, a space where the washing machine and dryer can run without disturbing movie nights or dinnertime.



    Inspirational Laundry Room Ideas

    As we have seen above, a finished, designated area for laundry is a great addition for any home. Unfortunately, in many homes the laundry room is hidden and not a very fun place to be. Sure, it needs to be a functional space, but that doesn’t mean it has to be void of style. We’re going to help you get that dream laundry room, a multi-functional space both beautiful and efficient with some clever laundry room design ideas that will transform this underappreciated space in your home, no matter the size of space you live in. Take a look at these eye-catching examples for inspiration and use the tips & tricks for laundry room organization – they’ll make you want to do laundry!

    1. Choose the right location


    …the laundry room shouldn’t be banished to a dark and gloomy basement. Depending on space and needs, the perfect laundry room location can be the master suite, near the back door or even hallways.



    …if you are tight on space, you can hide a washing machine in the kitchen or bathroom, or use your mudroom to create one. The mudroom – laundry room combo is very popular due to the efficient use of space



    …the key to choose the perfect laundry room spot is to think about how you and your family will use the room. Above all else, be practical!


    2. Create counter space in your laundry room


    …whether it is a warm wooden shelf or crafted of marble, the countertop is vital for folding, placing your laundry basket and other items while you work.



    …if you don’t have the space for base cabinets with countertops, consider adding a countertop over side-by-side washers and dryers that load in the front



    …if you opt for a DIY laundry room countertop you will add a homey feel to the room.


    3. Install Cabinets and Shelves


    …customized laundry storage can stock cleaners, detergents, dryer sheets and more. In addition to adding storage capacity, laundry room cabinets can add beauty!



    ….laundry room cabinets can help you maximize the storage area. A laundry room that has plenty of storage options will keep your laundry items organized and add value to your home.



    …you should choose those laundry room storage options that fit your needs and style. Use a mixture of laundry room cabinets and floating shelves to create a custom laundry storage system that works for your home.



    …installing cabinets or hanging shelves will increase your laundry room storage space considerably! Small laundry rooms pose challenges to keep the place super organized, functional and efficient. Laundry room shelves and cabinets will help you utilize all the available space.


    4. Accessorize! Add artwork and decorative elements.


    ….a laundry room doesn’t have to be a dull, boring place. Considering the amount of time you spend in it, you should make it as comfortable and visual appealing as you can. Adding some artwork and other decorative elements it’s the perfect way to do it!



    …you should add personality even to the most functional of spaces. Wooden plank plaques can be an option.



    …if you’re looking to improve your laundry room’s look but you have a small budget, using DIY laundry room ideas is the perfect way to do it!


    5. Add Color To Your Laundry Room


    …make the laundry room work space bright and cheerful with paint. Select the best paint color to create a fresh and pleasant space.



    …have fun with color! Whichever paint style you choose, it’s easier to do laundry if the room makes you happy to be in it.



    ….the laundry room is the perfect spot to play with color. Use colorful cabinetry to inject some personality in the room!


    6. Don’t Ignore Lighting in your laundry room


    …laundry rooms are often overlooked when it comes to lighting, often occupying dark or windowless spaces. But just as with the kitchen you need good lighting over work areas. so a combination of natural lighting and beautiful lighting fixtures is the best way to achieve the necessary lighting for your laundry room.



    …if possible, it’s preferable to add natural light to your laundry room. Like the kitchen, this space is very often used and the tasks preformed here need the most light.



    …this room perfectly illustrates our laundry room design ideas: good lighting, a beautiful color scheme, DIY laundry room storage options – a fresh and airy space with personality!


    Hopefully the laundry room ideas illustrated above will help you create your dream laundry room in a way that expresses your personality. And maybe these laundry room design basics will make you enjoy doing laundry a little more than before.

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