1. LG Innotek LEDs in Stadium Lighting for FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea 2017


    LG Innotek of Seoul South Korea reported that the main lights at the Suwon Word Cup Stadium used the company’s 10-watt LED package, 3535G4L series. The Suwon World Cup Stadium was where the final of FIFA U-20 Word Cup Korea 2017 was held on 11th, June.

    LG Innotek says it unique high-power vertical chip technology to develop the high-power LED package with high reliability. According to the company, this 10-Watt LED package can easily light up a sports stadium even after 100,000 hours of operation at maximum power. Lighting company KWM used the LED in the main stadium lights. LG Innotek says its high-power LED package offers an optimal light output that allows players, spectators, and TV viewers to focus on the match.

    The company notes that the LED package installed in main lights of the Suwon World Cup Stadium offers a color reproduction similar to natural light and features a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or more. For comparison, natural light has a CRI of 100, and the CRI of home lighting is about 70 to 80.

    LG Innotek’s LED package has a color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin results in less glare. The company contends that with the product, people can watch a night match like it is during a sunny day. However, LG Innotek says that the light it produces is more comfortable for your eyes than bright sunlight.

    Stadium Lights with LG Innotek LEDs Consume 40% Less Electricity

    The LED package helps the lights consume about 40% less power than the metal-halide lighting that KMW’s lights replace. In the Suwon World Cup Stadium, uses LED lighting that consumes 1.2 kW compared to the 2-kW metal-halide lighting.
    Furthermore, the lights emit 2,200 lux, which is greater than the level required by FIFA.

    LG Innotek says it plans to expand its LED lineup with LEDs for stages and entertainment. LG Innotek also plans to release very brightly, and multi-color products such as a super high-power LED package consuming 15 watts or 30 watts as well as RGGB or RGBW products.

    A representative from LG Innotek said, “As the LED’s performance and quality quickly improve, its application area has been expanded to sports stadiums and landscape lightings.” He also said, “You will be able to vividly see the players and spectators with high-quality lights produced by LG Innotek’s high-power LED packges.”

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    LG Innotek LEDs in Stadium Lighting for FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea 2017
    Author: Scott McMahan