1. Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science by COX Architecture


    Photo © John Gollings

    Scotch College has a rich and enviable heritage which is expressed in the buildings and grounds where generations of students have received an exceptional education and formed lasting friendships and memories.


    Photo © John Gollings

    Any addition to this tradition must be sensitive to place and culture and founded on an understanding of the philosophy of the College.


    Photo © John Gollings

    This project is about creating a new environment that physically and philosophically represents the highest ideals of education consistent with one of the countries’ finest colleges.


    Photo © John Gollings

    The new Science and Technology Centre will inspire pride and allow the scotch tradition to continue to evolve. The new Science and Technology Centre presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the primary axis and the courtyard character of the campus.


    Photo © John Gollings

    An understanding of the negative space between existing buildings and the texture and grain of the campus has been a key driver of the form and massing of the proposal and has established a sculptured ground plane that encompasses the car park allowing the new Centre to float over the landscape setting.


    Photo © John Gollings

    The new building will give definition and clarity to the western end of the campus, completing the Morrison Street elevation and creating a new science and mathematics precinct.


    Photo © John Gollings

    Through the design and operation of the building, the Science and Technology Centre will create a campus precinct which celebrates and enriches science and mathematics education at Scotch.


    Photo © John Gollings

    The project will showcase the achievements of Scotch alumni, provide appropriate transparency into classrooms and laboratories to reveal science at work, and be a catalyst for increased interaction amongst students and staff.


    Photo © John Gollings

    There is also an opportunity to showcases science and technology in material choice, detail and structural expression of the new building. The facility will be a functional benchmark in the design of teaching, lab and preparatory spaces. Source by COX Architecture.


    Photo © John Gollings
    • Location: Scotch College, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia
    • Architect: COX Architecture
    • Costruction: Kane Constructions
    • Client: Scotch College
    • Cost: $32M
    • Photographs: John Gollings, Courtesy of COX Architecture

    Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science by COX Architecture
    Author: Marco Rinaldi