1. Valley breaks ground by MVRDV competition-winning building for OVG Real Estate


    Image © MVRDV

    Mid-August marked the start of construction for Valley, a 75,000m2, green-terraced, mixed-use building located on the Amsterdam’s Central Business District Zuidas. MVRDV’s competition-winning design for OVG Real Estate was selected by the Municipality of Amsterdam in 2015 and will include apartments, offices, an underground parking, a sky bar and various retail and cultural facilities.


    Image © MVRDV

    The design and programme mediates between human scale, nature and the atmosphere of the business district. Completion is set for 2021. Valley’s three peaks of varied heights reach up to a maximum of 100 meters at which the publicly accessible Sky bar sits, spread out over the top two stories, offering panoramic views over Amsterdam. The building consists of 196 apartments, 7 stories of offices, a three-story underground parking with 375 parking spots and various retail and cultural facilities.


    Image © MVRDV

    From street level, a center path, running along retails functions, terraces and roof gardens, leads up to the central Valley-area spread across the 4th and 5th level and surrounds the central tower. By placing the residential volumes on top of the multifunctional plinth and pushing them to the very edge of the envelope, the resulting volume reads as one single entity.


    Image © MVRDV

    In mirroring the corporate surroundings through its reflective exterior façade, the design acknowledges its corporate heritage and visually connects to its immediate neighbours. In direct contrast to this, the inner façade is defined by a series of rugged, stone terraces with large planters, covering the building in vegetation and bringing a sense of human scale to the volume.


    Ground Floor Plan

    Through this opposing treatment of the facades, the duality of the resulting volume, which is reminiscent of a carved out block, is expressed: The corporate vs the residential. The XL vs. the human scale. The abundance of outdoor spaces and communal green area’s promotes health and well-being whilst at the same time, contributes to the buildings green ambitions. In addition to a -0.3 EPC rating and a GPR score of 8, Valley will aim for a BREEAM-NL Excellent rating. Source by MVRDV.


      • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      • Architect: MVRDV
      • Landscape: Piet Oudolf
      • Structural Engineering: Van Rossum
      • HVAC: Deerns
      • Building Physics and Energy Efficiency Strategy: DGMR
      • Construction Engineering: Inbo
      • Investor: RJB Group of Companies
      • Contractors: G&S Bouw and Boele & van Eesteren
      • Client: OVG Real Estate
      • Size & Program: 75,000 m2 mixed-use
      • Budget: Undisclosed
      • Completion: 2021
      • Images: Courtesy of MVRDV







    Valley breaks ground by MVRDV competition-winning building for OVG Real Estate
    Author: Marco Rinaldi