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    When the M54 was built it was only given Southern spurs onto the M6 because that's where the traffic was envisaged to be coming from. The M6 Toll changed this, and the only real ways from one motorway to the other are the A5/A449 or A461, both of which have their issues and 30 MPH limits.



    The green route seems to be the preferred route. I'd rather have the yellow route: although this goes close or through ancient woodlands it keeps everything tight and in one corridor. The purple line doesn't make much sense to me.

    I wonder if the complainants realise it will ease congestion and pollution not only through Cannock and Featherstone, but also through the West Midlands conurbation.

    Needs IMO to be combined with the opening of the M6 Toll as a normal motorway.

    Wolverhampton Transport | M54 Extension | Planning
    Author: DBadger